IS Awareness Program 
Security awareness training is a training program aimed at heightening security awareness within the organization. Simply stated, effective security awareness training program should result in:
▪ A detailed awareness program tailored to the organization's needs.
▪ Heightened levels of security awareness and an appreciation of information assets.
▪ A reduction in the support effort required by the organization.
Benefits of IS Awareness Program
1. Develop a Security-Focused Culture.                                                           2. Empower Employees.
3. Protect Assets.                                                                                                     4. Prevent Downtime.
5. Increase Adoption.                                                                                            6. Institute Proactive Practices.
7. Collect Risk Data by Driving Awareness.                                                    8. Get Everyone on the Same Page.
9. Expand Awareness to Reduce Threats.                                                      10. Stay Compliant.
Corporate Training
A corporate training is one of the most significant parts of its growth and long-term investment strategies. Corporate training is a means of improving the employees’ performance, morale and skills, by concentrating on the professional development. Many organizations are implementing different corporate training program, to address specific needs, to promote new working practices, and standards.
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