IT Security Audits
A network security audit is a technical assessment of an organization’s IT infrastructure—their operating systems, applications, and more. 
 IT Audit, Network Security Audit
IT Security auditing is a critical component to test security robustness of information systems and networks for any organization and thus the selection of the most appropriate IT security auditor is a complex decision. IT security auditing is often considered for outsourcing owing to its highly specialized and technical nature. Considering the involvement of sensitive and confidential organizational data, it is vital that IT security auditor be capable and trustworthy.
What an IT Security Audit Does for Your Business
It evaluates the flow of data within your business.

It identifies vulnerable points and problem areas.

It determines whether you must alter security policies and standards or not.

It recommends how to leverage information technology in your business security.

It delivers an in-depth analysis of your internal and external IT practices and system.
Our Approach Towards IS Audit
1. Define the scope of an audit.

2. Define the threats your data faces.

3. Calculate the risks.

4. Device the necessary controls.

5. Conclusion and Reports.