Mobile Forensic
Mobile device forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions.
Mobile devices have made a tremendous impact on the way everyday business is conducted. With increased usage of these devices in many organizations, the scope of discovery has expanded to include associated data types such as photos, voice files, text messages, and application data. Additionally, detailed forensic review of the devices may allow an organization to have a broader understanding of a device’s usage and attribute activities to the device’s user. 
Why we need mobile forensic
1. Mobile Forensics Tracks Victims.
2. Find Out Their Timeline.
3. Find Out Who People Talked Too.
4. Gather Evidence from Cell Phones.
5. Find Out Criminal Activity from Cell Phones.
6. Paint a Picture with Cell Phone Images.
7. Criminals Post Incriminating Evidence Using Cell Phones.
8. Get Leads with Text-A-Tip.
9. Increased Crime Reporting.
10. Saves Time and Effort.
About our Apporach
1) Seizure : Seizing mobile devices is covered by the same legal considerations as other digital media
2 ) Acquisition : The second step in the forensic process is acquisition, in this case usually referring to retrieval of material from a device (as compared to the bit-copy imaging used in computer forensics).
3) Examination & Analysis : As an increasing number of mobile devices use high-level file systems, similar to the file systems of computers, methods and tools can be taken over from hard disk forensics or only need slight changes.

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