Network Application Penetration Testing
Information Security is a constant race between searching for weaknesses to exploit and defenders working to secure them. New vulnerabilities – weaknesses that may be exploited by an attacker – are discovered every day.
IWM rigorously investigates your network to identify and exploit a wide range of security vulnerabilities. This enables us to establish if assets such as data can be compromised, classify the risks posed to your overall cyber security, priorities vulnerabilities to be addressed, and recommend actions to mitigate risks identified.
Types of network penetration testing
Internal network penetration testing
An internal network pen test is performed to help gauge what an attacker could achieve with initial access to a network. An internal network pen test can mirror insider threats, such as employees intentionally or unintentionally performing malicious actions.
External network penetration testing
An external network pen test is designed to test the effectiveness of perimeter security controls to prevent and detect attacks as well as identifying weaknesses in internet-facing assets such as web, mail and FTP servers.
Network application vulnerabilities
1. Insecure setup or configuration of networks, hosts and devices.
2. Flaws in encryption and authentication.
3. Code and command injection.
4. Session management.
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