Information Security Training
online Training
Online Learning introduces first-time distance learners to the realities of Web-based education and serves as the most comprehensive, practical guide to achieving success when facing online-specific barriers as well as common academic hurdles.
Benefits of Online Training:
1. Cost effectiveness                               2. Convenience
3. Consistency                                          4. Variance
5. Accuracy                                               6. Feedback
7. Engaging material
Classroom/Offline Training
Instructor-led training is the practice of training and learning material between an instructor and learners, either individuals or groups. Instructors can also be referred to as a facilitator, who may be knowledgeable and experienced in the learning material, but can also be used more for their facilitation skills and ability to deliver material to learners.

Benefits of Classroom/Offline Training:
1: Building personal relationships                        2: Engagement and Focus
3: Practice                                                                    4: Discussion and debates
5: Individual attention when needed                 6: Instant clarification of doubts
7: Compressed schedule for fast learning       8: Learning from Peers                         
Need for Cyber Security
With new innovative techniques, cybercrimes are on the rise these days. It has become imperative for any organization to secure its systems, network and data. Information leak and data breaches have dissolved many businesses and organizations are not ready to and must not take risks. This is the reason why the demand for cybersecurity professionals has increased tremendously.
Demand for Cyber Security Experts
The demand for cyber security experts has increased tremendously in the wake of increased terrorism, identity threats and cybercrimes. As per statistics, the number of security breaches reported during the last year is too high, eventually increasing the concern for data privacy.

Most In-Demand Cyber Security Certifications
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – This course introduces you to the hacking tools used for Penetration Testing purposes 
Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) Certification – This course introduces you to the skillsets required to track an intruder and finding evidence for prosecution.
Certified SOC Analyst : CSA is a training and credentialing program that helps the candidate acquire trending and in-demand technical skills through instruction by some of the most experienced trainers in the industry.
And Many more.
Benefits of Cyber Security Certifications
Understand the information assurance principles
Identify the key components of cybersecurity network architecture
Explain the processes and practices involved in risk management
Understand security tools and hardening techniques
Identify different kinds of attacks
Distinguish system threats and vulnerabilities
Understand the latest IT and IS technologies
Apply appropriate responses to cybersecurity incidents
Careers in Cyber Security
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